Boise State University – Wayfinding System

  • Posters & Signage
  • 31 Mar 2015
  • Boise State University - Fine Arts Building Wayfinding System

The Boise State University Fine Arts Building is a former retail structure that was renovated into classrooms over a decade ago. Unfortunately this led to a rather uninspired interior with a confusing layout and a drab atmosphere unfitting for a creative branch of a major university. Plans are currently underway to build a state-of-the-art new facility, which will give the Fine Arts department the facility it has long needed.

In the meantime, my colleague Thabata Regiani and I designed a system to not only beautify the structure’s interior, but also to add clarity to the layout of the building through a network of signage and wilderness-inspired graphics leading the viewer to where they need to go in a pleasant and efficient way.