American Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines has a small, but significant branding problem: the polished aluminum that makes up the base of the current livery cannot exist on the 787 which uses composite materials for most of its construction. In addition, because of recent mergers and acquisitions, the importance of having a strong, memorable brand is increasing for American, who hasn’t changed their logo and livery since the late 1960s.

American, however, has one of the most iconic logos in the airline industry, the one that employees refer to as the “scissors eagle” logo.

Current American Airlines logo


I wanted to see if I could create an effective evolution of the current brand. I wanted a bold new look for American Airlines, one that looks classy, distinguished, and ultra-modern with highly geometric, sharp angles and a metallic feel that creates a sense of strength and security.

I evolved the Scissor Eagle logo to a more abstract form. The new “Eagle” is not just an abstract eagle, but also an abstract representation of the American flag. The overall brand beyond the livery would take heavy influence from timeless Art Deco, Gothic and neo-Art Deco design which symbolizes American strength, freedom, and an overall classicism that distinguishes the brand from the competition.

New Livery: