Air Canada

For most of its history, Air Canada’s brand has revolved around the ideals of warm Canadian hospitality and a high standard of class unmatched by its peers. I created this evolution of the current logo and livery to continue and enhance that tradition by adding a stronger, deeper field of forest green and a curvilinear…

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American Airlines

American Airlines has a small, but significant branding problem: the polished aluminum that makes up the base of the current livery cannot exist on the 787 which uses composite materials for most of its construction. In addition, because of recent mergers and acquisitions, the importance of having a strong, memorable brand is increasing for American,…

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Japan Airlines

Somewhat displeased with the loss of a logo that stands among the most iconic in aviation, I set out to create a new logo and livery for Japan Airlines bringing back the Tsuru (crane) logo that they shed in 2002. This was the result — a new logo and livery that I feel would be…

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United Airlines

In April 2010, United Airlines and Continental Airlines announced they were merging. This was rumored long before the announcement, and one of the biggest questions being asked was regarding the brand: whose name and logo would they keep? I decided to present how I would handle the merged logo and livery. My focus was on…

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Air France

On February 11th, 2009, Air France unveiled a new logo and slightly retouched livery. While I enjoy the new logo and appreciate the minimalist approach toward the brand, I also feel it is not all that it could be. I set out to create a new brand for Air France. After initial ideas and sketches,…

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